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Since 1997, over 200 sessions of stray images and sound have been organised. Artists, writers, scientists and musicians present work in progress, experiment or present work that doesn't fit into their oeuvre (yet). A specific and unique stage for diverse and hybrid works which don't fit comfortably into galleries or museums.

A.L. Snijders

writer (NL)

  1. reading

    The great writer of the zkv (zeer korte verhaal, very short story), tells he doesn't call him self a writer as he only writes an hour a day. He reads about his studio at Nieuwmarkt, which he gave to another artist, about technology and about Joost Conijn, whom he wanted to meet since seeing his work: lassen is leuk (welding is fun).

    2012, reading, 15 min


    Shown at L&F Theatrum Anatomicum (11–05–2012)

  1. Fragile Pain

    Nigeria's Amata dynasty has entertainment running in its blood.
    Fred Amata, who works as an actor, producer and director, has made over 50 movies in the past 15 years. His nickname is the video king.
    We try to reach him by phone, but he's checking in at the airport. He quickly introduces his film and advises young filmmakers in the audience.

    2005, video, 1:54 min

    Shown at L&F Lost in Nollywood (11–11–2011)

  1. Heinecken studies
  1. Untitled

    Video concocted out of found footage of great artist giving up on their pretentions. Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dali, Henri Cartier Bresson, they all say their work means nothing.

    2009, video, 5 min

    Shown at L&F Theatrum Anatomicum (03–04–2009)

  1. executie Sadam
  1. New Order Low Life
  1. Sleep Walkers

    2007, animation, 4 min

    Shown at L&F Theatrum Anatomicum (11–05–2007)

  1. scene from Insignificance