Welkom in het Lost & Found archief. Sinds 1997 heeft Lost & Found meer dan 200 avonden voor verdwaalde beelden en geluiden samengesteld. Kunstenaars, schrijvers, wetenschappers en muzikanten laten werk in ontwikkeling zien, experimenteren of tonen werk dat (nog) niet in hun oeuvre past. Een specifiek en uniek podium voor divers en hybride werk dat in een museaal circuit geen plaats heeft.

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Lost & Found

Theatrum Anatomicum

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Lost & Found

Theatrum Anatomicum


Lernert Engelberts

Lernert Engelberts
Julia van Mourik
Kuno Terwindt

Waag Society
​Mondriaan Fund

Film: Lost & Found

Steve Korver

The evening that screens ‘Lost images and sounds’ takes place in a very special place: the Theatrum Anatomicum, in one of the turrets of De Waag on Nieuwmarkt. This singular location was where folks could come and watch the slicing and dicing of corpses –as immortalised in the Rembrandt painting ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp’.

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Now you yourself can come to marvel at slices of forgotten celluloid and video history. Since 1997, the folks of Lost have asked their network of friends and artists to send tapes, CD-roms, films, video and slides that are dear to them but have never found their rightful place. Tonight is that place, where this evocative visual garbage is shown and where art and pulp meet. See www.lost.nl for more details – and how you can send in your own objects for the next Lost evening.

Theatrum Anatomicum, 10.00, €.7

Published in Amsterdam Weekly, 13 september 2007