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Since 1997, over 200 sessions of stray images and sound have been organised. Artists, writers, scientists and musicians present work in progress, experiment or present work that doesn't fit into their oeuvre (yet). A specific and unique stage for diverse and hybrid works which don't fit comfortably into galleries or museums.

Laure Prouvost

visual artist (FR), website

  1. Swallow

    Finally we see a video by Laure Prouvost, it is introduced to us being about the senses, and that's an understatement. However I find myself for the most part untouched by the sensations being forced upon me: the inhaling/exhaling and the commands and the close-ups of skin don't affect me because I'm resisting. But I can only resist for so long: it turns out that the work is also about persisting;  it goes on and on, delivering one liners to manipulate your sensations, showing lush images of naked girls and berries and the Italian sun and gelato, and suddenly you give up and start tasting a little bit of the lake water they swim in on your tongue. As the last image gets smaller, “You're falling, you can't hold on” says Prouvost and draws a last breath.

    Video, 2013, 12 min


    Shown at L&F Lost & Found Muziekgebouw (03–04–2015)