In line with national policy relating to the corona virus, Lost & Found stops its activities until further notice. Please be welcome to the Lost & Found archive.

Since 1997, over 200 sessions of stray images and sound have been organised. Artists, writers, scientists and musicians present work in progress, experiment or present work that doesn't fit into their oeuvre (yet). A specific and unique stage for diverse and hybrid works which don't fit comfortably into galleries or museums.

Mirjam Linschooten

writer, artists (NL), website

Mirjam Linschooten's interdisciplinary practice includes installation, 
publications, collage, drawing and photography. She has worked as 
an artist and art director in Paris, until she moved to Amsterdam in 2015. 

As a visual artist her work is concerned with tactics of representation, 
questioning the way memory and history are constructed through various 
forms of collecting, interpreting, and display. 

Mirjam has participated in international artists residency programs 
and has exhibited in various countries, including Canada, Egypt, France, 
Morocco, Netherlands and Turkey. She was named a Fulbright Scholar 
and has been the recipient of Mondriaan Fund support, as well as Prins 
Bernard Culture Fund and the European Culture Fund. 

Mirjam grew up in the Netherlands where she completed her Bachelor 
in Graphic Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (NL) and her MA at 
the Dutch Art Institute (NL).

  1. Lost & Found, The Revival

    From a certain depth in the ocean the color red is no longer perceived — by humans, that is. The world turns dark and blue and silent. I am reminded of this during one of the performances of Lost and Found, The Revival, at Oude Kerk – a church built as an inverted ship. Not to say that the color red is absent — heating lamps turn the St. Sebastian chapel bright red; a person wearing a raspberry coat almost stumbles over one of the stone graves — the church is in fact also a covered graveyard.


    Written for L&F The Revival at Oude Kerk (21–12–2018)