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Since 1997, over 200 sessions of stray images and sound have been organised. Artists, writers, scientists and musicians present work in progress, experiment or present work that doesn't fit into their oeuvre (yet). A specific and unique stage for diverse and hybrid works which don't fit comfortably into galleries or museums.

Meiro Koizumi

visual artists (JP), website

  1. Rite for a Dream II

    Rite for a Dream II is the brand new second part of a trilogy. Meiro told us he had a strange dream when he was a child. In this dream, his father was taken away by the police to be fed to the chicken. Many years later, he wondered what made a little child have such a nightmare, but he realized it wasn’t such a strange dream after all. His nightmare was clearly influenced by Kamen Rider, the famous Japanese TV series from the 1970s, in which parents were often kidnapped by evil monsters.

    "I took fragments from all 98 episodes of Kamen Rider and edited over the voice of the ceremony of enthronement of current Emperor Akihito. The flow of the fragmented images forms a stream of consciousness like language does. But this flow does not construct any logical meaning, but rather, it constructs anxiety and fear of Imperial system that are deeply embedded in our unconsciousness through culture and animistic sensibility."

    Shown at L&F raps at Muziekgebouw (01–09–2017)