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Since 1997, over 200 sessions of stray images and sound have been organised. Artists, writers, scientists and musicians present work in progress, experiment or present work that doesn't fit into their oeuvre (yet). A specific and unique stage for diverse and hybrid works which don't fit comfortably into galleries or museums.

Dennis Knopf

Scientist European Media Masters of Art (DE), website

  1. Booty Clipse

    Surfing for booty clips on YouTube, we found this film by Tracky Birthday. It is compiled of images taken when the girls are puttig on music and are therefor not pictured. We see the interiors of teenage girls, with sexy music playing.
    When we find Tracky and call him, he tells us he's writing his thesis on the shifting role of internet users from users to products.

    2008, video, 5:38 min


    Shown at L&F Theatrum Anatomicum (05–09–2008)