Naar aanleiding van de recente richtlijnen met betrekking tot het coronavirus stopt Lost & Found haar activiteiten tot nader bericht. In de tussentijd heten wij u welkom in het Lost & Found archief. Sinds 1997 heeft Lost & Found meer dan 200 avonden voor verdwaalde beelden en geluiden samengesteld. Kunstenaars, schrijvers, wetenschappers en muzikanten laten werk in ontwikkeling zien, experimenteren of tonen werk dat (nog) niet in hun oeuvre past. Een specifiek en uniek podium voor divers en hybride werk dat in een museaal circuit geen plaats heeft.

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Rogier Roeters

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  1. Goocheltrucks

    Up next was Rogier Roeters, a warm, down to earth Amsterdamer and part-time illusionist who preformed a series of tricks and revealed some, but not all of his trade secrets. He bounced from one trick to the next with van Mourik all the while streaming video form her iPhone to the projector screen behind Roeters so the audience could see his tricks from various angles so we ‘know’ he wasn’t cheating. He also gave us a brief history of magic and explained how there are very few new tricks nowadays, with most sourced from street entertainers who hustle money from the unknowing masses with keen slight of hand and misdirection. I was particularly impressed with his final feat where in the process of demonstrating how he ‘magically’ transported a handkerchief inside an egg that turns out to be hollow he somehow transformed the hollow egg into a real one, cracking it into a glass as the whole audience leaped up from their seats to hoot and clap in uproarious approval.

    Performance, 2015, 10 min

    Shown at L&F Theatrum Anatomicum (06–02–2015)