Naar aanleiding van de recente richtlijnen met betrekking tot het coronavirus stopt Lost & Found haar activiteiten tot nader bericht. In de tussentijd heten wij u welkom in het Lost & Found archief.

Sinds 1997 heeft Lost & Found meer dan 200 avonden voor verdwaalde beelden en geluiden samengesteld. Kunstenaars, schrijvers, wetenschappers en muzikanten laten werk in ontwikkeling zien, experimenteren of tonen werk dat (nog) niet in hun oeuvre past. Een specifiek en uniek podium voor divers en hybride werk dat in een museaal circuit geen plaats heeft.

Christopher Westfall

it specialist (USA), website

  1. Deepthroat Study #27

    From boys we switch to men in ‘Deepthroat Study #27’, and I think about how indelicate blowjobs can be. Christopher Westfall is a good student of his own study; this is a celebration of the absence of the gag reflex, maybe an absence of softness, it is goal oriented but by that I don't mean the money shot. His hand caresses the receiver's ball sack in a way that puts mozzarella in my mind.  Both men in the video are quite sublime in the way they seem to have achieved an unworldly focus; the receiver silent and only represented through his beautifully bobbing ribcage (he could have been mistaken for dead otherwise); this guy is the CPR dummy of emergency dick sucking. And CW frowns sometimes; he's so focused that he has the face of a chin-rubber as he attacks and re-attacks the long, thinly dick with a mix of pride and love and lust; the beautiful green bareness of the room is overwhelming. CW is in the crowd and he comes on stage to answer some questions and he is so sincere and unpretentious that I begin to love the idea of a study for a sexual activity even more. Someone in the crowd asks what he has learned from it, you know, it being a study and all. He says that he knew what he was doing so he didn't learn anything new. I am encouraged that it didn't stop him from trying, and I'm enamored by this idea of being students in something we do often; I like this attention economy he wants to present. If only I could have sex, or do anything for that matter, each time anew with his studious attention.

    Video, 2015, 3 min fragment van 11 min

    Shown at L&F Lost & Found Muziekgebouw (03–04–2015)