Naar aanleiding van de recente richtlijnen met betrekking tot het coronavirus stopt Lost & Found haar activiteiten tot nader bericht. In de tussentijd heten wij u welkom in het Lost & Found archief.

Sinds 1997 heeft Lost & Found meer dan 200 avonden voor verdwaalde beelden en geluiden samengesteld. Kunstenaars, schrijvers, wetenschappers en muzikanten laten werk in ontwikkeling zien, experimenteren of tonen werk dat (nog) niet in hun oeuvre past. Een specifiek en uniek podium voor divers en hybride werk dat in een museaal circuit geen plaats heeft.

Bastian Visch

modeontwerper (SE/NL), website

  1. Modeshow

    The penultimate event was a mini fashion show by Bastian Visch. There was no catwalk per say, as Visch had dressed three male models before the event and had them walking around and talking to all the guests. The first model had a breathlessly constructed jumper covered in an intricate quilting technique that ran from top to the bottom. The upper two-thirds was a turquoise green that was interjected diagonally by venetian red in the bottom third, with matching pants, velvet combat boots, and kind of cloth hanging from the front of the pants that gave it the appearance of a skirt. On his head was a similarly colored, brimmed rabbit skin hat with a red cloth sewed on the inside that completely obscured the model’s face. The second model wore a amber yellow “meta-draped” hoodie with similar color pants and cloth, dark brown suede combat boots, and a same style hat as the previous model but without any material obscuring his soft features and ice blue eyes. The final model wore a more traditional cobalt colored blazer, pants, black dress shoes, and a hat with a cloth that obscured his face, but in a more asymmetrical cut compared to the first. When asked to describe his creative process, he said that he utilized digital photography and manipulation to imprint imagery on the clothing to accentuate the shadows and contours of light on the folds and creases.

    Performance, 2015, 10 min

    Shown at L&F Theatrum Anatomicum (06–02–2015)